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8 colorful flavors of pork

treat your palate to 8 delicious colorful flavors of pork belly. we are proud of our popular signature dish which combines different spices and herbs from diverse cultures that creates a menu item not found on other restaurant menus. we introduce the eight colorful flavors of pork belly. eight korean bbq, name derived from our signature dish; 8 flavors of pork belly.

in july 2008, we launched palsaik samgyupsal in korea town,

los angeles. the following year we re-branded with a new name; a refined concept, and introduced quality cuts of beef and pork and created - eight korean bbq. since 2013 we expanded to multiple locations including buena park, orange county ca - and two locations in singapore. we look forward to continue to bring our delicious brand of korean bbq to other communities. 


july 2008

launched as palsaik samgyupsal 

los angeles, ca


november 2013-september 2023

launched eight korean bbq

buena park, ca

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 2.21.33 PM.png

august 2013

launched eight korean bbq singapore the central, singapore

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 1.41.36 PM.png

september 2016

launched 2nd eight korean bbq

singapore shaw centre, singapore


october 2013

launched eight korean bbq

los angeles, ca

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